Top 10 underestimated real estate markets in 2018

Top 10 underestimated real estate markets

Canada has a hot real estate market with developed cities like Toronto and Vancouver having the increased property prices. Many real estate market experts stated about the flattening of the prices in few markets.

Let’s discuss 10 undervalued Canadian real estate markets.

Kelowna. This city in British Columbia is said to be on the top spot for investing the real estate market. Its tourism and tech sector are said to be booming in the coming time. The western investors are of the opinion that the real estate properties are going to rise soon with the population being shifted to this region.


Toronto. The Toronto market that was once stated to be the hottest market for real estate investments is seen to have dropped in its sales listings. This has made its list among the undervalued Canadian real estate market. The investors can take the advice from realtors to invest in Toronto.

Ottawa. It is offering affordable market in Ontario district. In the coming times, the investors can witness changes in prices due to the stability and rising employment opportunities here.


Saskatoon. The property investments right now in this city will bring greater boom for the investors. The place will have a raised GDP of 2.3% this year. The retail investments will be seen in the future too.

Hamilton. The Hamilton is going to become a hotspot for the investors in the undervalued market. The reason being realtors and real estate investors are falling out from investing in the bigger markets.


Calgary. This is the best time for the investors to buy the real estate property in Calgary because of the ongoing recession in the city. The economy has been hit hard due to lower oil prices.

Catharines. This Ontario city is stated to see the boom in the coming months but recently the market prices are slashed down. The investors can invest in the properties to avail the discounts.


Thunder Bay. The experts have formulated the market reports that tell that the Thunder Bay market is going to witness price rise in coming two years. Now, it’s the right time for investments.

Milton. The investors who are looking for the affordable property yet consisting of all the amenities at one place like well-knit rail, air, and road transportation. For them, this steadily rising city is a great opportunity.


Lethbridge. The investors who are looking forward to commercial real estate investments for them this place in Alberta will prove a boom in the coming years.

To conclude, the real estate investors can seek for these undervalued properties in Canadian cities to expect a greater rise soon.