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Quebec, Canada

Quebec is Canada's largest province in land mass, and is home to countless cultural attractions. The French language and heritage has allowed Quebec to be a major tourism destination, bringing in thousands of visitors yearly. It is a province known for unique and fine cuisine, flavourful cheese and a vast number of maple syrup production facilities. The city of Montreal offers unique cultural and artistic events such as the annual Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, which attracts performers and comics from the world over and the Montreal Jazz Festival, featuring a myriad of musicians in the talented jazz music community. The capital of Quebec City offers visitors unique and well maintained architecture, with some buildings dating back to the 1700's.
Quebec offers a variety of investment opportunities in key sectors which include Aerospace, Biotechnology and Manufacturing. Quebec is heavily involved in major trading with networks considered vital to the global and local economies. Quebec has recently experienced increases in economic development through the research and health sectors.

Living in Quebec is considered a diverse and rewarding experience, with excellent career advancement opportunities and competitive wages. The cost of living is makes Quebec an affordable place to live, with the region sporting some of the lowest pricing for new home starts.

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