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Prince Edward Island, Canada

Canada's smallest province is surrounded by water and picturesque sandy beaches. Prince Edward Island is accessed by the World Famous Confederation Bridge in Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick, or by Ferry from Caribou, Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island is world renowned for its many championship golf courses and fine dining experiences. The Island's main economic engines are driven by tourism, agriculture and aquaculture. Tourists flock from all over the world to beautiful Cavendish National Park, where the famous "Anne of Green Gables" books were set and written by author Lucy Maude Montgomery. The PEI Potato is prized the world over for its flavour while various types of seafood harvested on the Island are exported as far away as Japan.
The economic picture in Prince Edward Island is positive and stable. A highly educated workforce and competitive wage rates are just a couple of positives that make Prince Edward Island an appealing location for investment. Recent investments in developing Island industries such as Aerospace and Manufacturing have generated more inquiries about the region, spinning off into property development and new residential housing starts. All communities are within a short, pleasant drive to the capital of Charlottetown where shopping and other amenities thrive from weekday to weekend.

Housing costs in Prince Edward Island have been stable for some time. Prices are higher in and around the capital region. Cottage and summer property pricings are considered valuable investments, since there is a stable demand for cottage property in and around the Cavendish National Park areas.

The links below include listings for local real estate professionals and service providers that will help you on your journey as you search for your piece of Prince Edward Island paradise.

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