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Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut is an untamed and beautiful extreme northern region of Canada. It is Canada's third territory, and boasts some unique physical facts. Nunavut is actually twice the size of Ontario (Canada's second largest province) with a population of approximately 29,000. Nunavut is home to twelve of Canada's twenty largest islands, and several of Canada's largest waterways.

Nunavut's extreme northern location accounts for its physical isolation, and is a major contributing factor to the high cost of living. This isolation is also a major contributing factor to generally higher than average wages for skilled and service sector workers. Local government is using Internet technology to research new business opportunities. The main economic sectors of Nunavut include mining, tourism, government affairs and culture.

Living in Nunavut provides an opportunity to experience Canada's northern culture first hand. Finding accessible housing can present some unique considerations and challenges, and it is wise to locate an experienced real estate professional that can help you conduct research for affordable housing.

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