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Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is a popular tourist destination with a distinct brand of history and culture. Seemingly endless coastal beauty cradles the province at the oceanfront, with inspirational ocean views and several welcoming towns and villages. Residents benefit tremendously from short distance driving to the capital of Halifax. Halifax hosts many cultural and sporting events which bring in people from all over the country, and all over the world.
Nova Scotia is one of the best places for entrepreneurship in Canada, attracting both small and large businesses that ponder profit and long-term sustainability. Nova Scotia possesses a highly educated and experienced workforce, further encouraging long-term investment from many different sectors.

Housing and rental prices have remained tremendously strong and stable in the Halifax area, while a varying range of prices can be found in other areas of the province. Occasionally, potential buyers looking for the rural dream home or oceanfront glory will succeed in finding several acres of land or that space by the sea for a bargain price.

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