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Northwest Territories, Canada

The Northwest Territories is Canada's second territory, and is situated between the Yukon to the west and Nunavut to the east. It is a relatively large area of Northern Canada; about the size of Alberta and Saskatchewan combined. Similar to the other two Canadian Territories, the Northwest Territories covers a large geographical area with a very small total population (at approximately 40,000).

The Northwest Territories is experiencing a growing economy, with excellent potential in several sectors, including Oil and Gas, Tourism, Arts and Crafts, Gold and Diamonds. Diamond mining encompasses about half of the territory's economic growth. Employment remains healthy, with some of the highest wages in Canada attracting skilled workers. The remote location is a contributing factor to the higher cost of living, but residents are able to cope financially because of higher than average wages.

The links in this section of the Web site will help you in your search for affordable housing or property investment in the Northwest Territories. Finding available housing presents a challenge because of a growing demand and a shortage of supply. This trend is also increasing the cost of new home construction. Government is currently working toward affordable housing initiatives to assist residents in the quest for home ownership in the Northwest Territories.

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