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Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba is the doorway to Western Canada. The province contains an abundant amount of terrain, with vast open spaces to the north and low-level plains to the South that stretch into the United States of America.
Manitoba boasts a proud and unique blend of culture and heritage celebrated through many annual events, some occurring throughout the tourism season. It is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse provinces in Canada, with more than 100 languages spoken province-wide.

The provincial economy has overall stabilized thanks to the competitive business climate. Much of Manitoba's primary industries revolve around agriculture. The proposed expansion of the mining sector has become an important issue to Manitoba's future prosperity and will eventually spin off into a larger housing market. The province is considered a very friendly location to attract and conduct foreign business opportunities and outside investment. These and many more shining lights allow Manitoba to be an appealing place to reside. With an increase in new Canadians coming to the province, housing and other property remain very much in high demand. It is because of Manitoba's vibrant construction sector that variable selections of modern homes are always available at relatively affordable prices.

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