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British Columbia, Canada

Canada's most western province stretches from the Rockies Gateway to the Pacific Coast. Most of the Southern Regions benefit from relatively mild weather, while the Northern Regions see average seasonal temperatures during respective times of the year.
British Columbia is abundant with vast waterways, shorelines and undisturbed wilderness to attract people. British Columbia boasts several world renowned national and provincial parks, remote wilderness, natural wonders and the Canadian Rockies.

British Columbia's Okanagan Valley is recognized around the world for the award winning vineyards and the wines they produce. Also, British Columbia fruit is acknowledged to be among the most sought after Canadian fruit crop with nationwide and global exports bringing in significant dollars and producing several thousand seasonal jobs.

British Columbia continues to enjoy economic growth in many industries and has become an up and coming destination for motion pictures and major arts events. These are just some factors that contribute to a robust real estate market. While the Vancouver and Victoria areas contain some of the highest housing prices in the country, many from all walks of life still pursue residency in British Columbia to take advantage of the amenities and pristine natural beauty.

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