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Alberta, Canada

Alberta is known for its continually evolving and expanding economic growth. The energy sector has been the cornerstone of the "Alberta Advantage" and continues to draw record numbers of new residents.
Alberta's steady tourism industry attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every season. The world famous Calgary Stampede is considered "The greatest outdoor show on earth", and draws more than a million visitors over the course of the event every year. Alberta is the gateway to the Canadian Rockies, and home to pristine and picturesque provincial and national parks. Alberta has received attention for recently bringing some major large corporations to move their entire offices to the province because of low corporate taxes and thriving economic potential. Residents of Alberta enjoy paying no provincial sales tax and remain the only province to not collect on such a tax.

When searching for property in Alberta, you may want to consider location. Calgary has shown some of the higher real estate prices in the urban centres, while prices remain lower in the Capital Region. Property towards and in the Rocky Mountain communities also tend to sit on the higher end of the scale. Resourceful purchasers will be able to locate rural property for accessible prices provided they are willing to take detailed and longer searches.

If you are considering becoming part of the Alberta Advantage or are already a resident pondering new property for living, vacationing, or business, visit the links below to find a knowledgeable local real estate professional or service provider.

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