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Property in St Catharines, Ontario


Property in St Catharines, Ontario

Breakdown by postal code areas in St Catharines:
Area Population Households
L2M 32,887 14,054
L2N 31,334 12,797
L2P 13,067 5,679
L2R 24,334 11,928
L2S 16,057 6,191
L2T 11,169 5,121
L2V 15,717 6,359
L2W 1,525 497

Other cities in the area: Vineland, Jordan Station, Campden, Beamsville, St Anns, Wellandport, Queenston, Allanburg

If you are interested in purchasing property in St Catharines, Ontario you will find a wide selection of homes to choose from. Generally, residential and commercial properties will cost more, with cottage properties selling at premium prices. This is especially true in and around the urban centers. If you are considering a property purchase in St Catharines, check local real estate listings or discuss your options with a real estate agent. Depending on the area of Ontario you are most interested in, asking prices for properties may be higher or lower. This will also depend on the intended purpose for the property, as some areas command higher prices for residential and vacation properties, while others command higher prices for commercial properties. Of course, whether or not the area is urban or rural will also impact these factors.

If you are considering investing in property in the St Catharines area, check with local real estate professionals to see what's currently available.

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