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Property in Scarborough, Ontario


Property in Scarborough, Ontario

Breakdown by postal code areas in Scarborough:
Area Population Households
M1B 61,566 17,375
M1C 34,988 10,302
M1E 46,781 16,372
M1G 30,481 10,069
M1H 21,229 7,307
M1J 36,759 12,229
M1K 48,807 17,716
M1L 28,275 10,279
M1M 21,970 8,266
M1N 22,726 9,420
M1P 36,216 12,468
M1R 29,279 10,683
M1S 34,262 10,168
M1T 33,614 12,196
M1V 55,703 15,419
M1W 50,054 15,784
M1X 2,132 545
M4A 13,627 5,686
M4B 19,165 7,820
M4C 48,746 19,757
M4E 23,812 10,570

Other cities in the area: Thornhill, Unionville, Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, Ajax, Vaughan, Maple

Helen Hong Ying Zhang HomeLife Gold Pacific Realty Inc.,, 416-490-1068

If you are interested in purchasing property in Scarborough, Ontario you will find a wide selection of homes to choose from. Generally, residential and commercial properties will cost more, with cottage properties selling at premium prices. This is especially true in and around the urban centers. If you are considering a property purchase in Scarborough, check local real estate listings or discuss your options with a real estate agent.

Before buying any apartment or house in Ontario, make sure to fully research the area in which you plan to buy. Check recent sales in the area to ensure you are getting the most for your money. Also talk to people in the area to get a sense of what they like and dislike in the neighborhood so you know if this is the place for you.

Review the businesses in the area as well to make sure they are ones in which you would frequent. It is also good to walk the area around the building to make sure that there aren't any areas that would detract from the price of your building.

You can buy a home with much less down than you think

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