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Property in Pickering, Ontario


Property in Pickering, Ontario

Breakdown by postal code areas in Pickering:
Area Population Households
L1V 50,536 15,787
L1W 17,515 5,879
L1X 15,365 4,232
L1Y 2,201 743

Other cities in the area: Unionville, Oshawa, Markham, Ajax, East York, Scarborough, Toronto, Bowmanville

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The commercial part of real estate investment in Pickering can earn big returns or big headaches. Many potential investors remain unaware of the their rights and responsibilities. Once formal documents have been signed for transfer of the property, real estate machinery enacts the legal sale to the new owners. All legal responsibilities of land management and property ownership are now owned by the buyers.

Pickering offers much to see and do including a ton of exciting outdoor activities. Ontario's terrain includes over two hundred thousand lakes, thousands of kilometers of rivers and almost three thousand miles of Great Lakes coastline. The province as a whole is an outdoor lover's and sports enthusiast's ideal location, and Pickering shares in promoting these attractions.

Ontario as a whole is also thought of as a great province to take in some awesome scenery and experience wildlife watching. Pickeringis just one of the places where you can experience part of the Ontario lifestyle.

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