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Property in Guelph, Ontario


Property in Guelph, Ontario

Breakdown by postal code areas in Guelph:
Area Population Households
N1C 2,882 871
N1E 29,776 12,166
N1G 25,754 10,137
N1H 44,697 18,552
N1K 6,242 1,727
N1L 3,400 1,168

Other cities in the area: Puslinch, Bloomingdale, Ariss, Eden Mills, Breslau, Conestogo, New Dundee, Elora

Ned Coates All your real estate needs, served by Ned Coates, (519) 837-1300 Call now!

Inder Mattu HomeLife Realty(Guelph) Limited,, 519-836-1072

Christianne Child HomeLife Realty(Guelph) Limited,, 519-836-1072

Guelph Wellington Real Estate with HomeLife If you are Buying or Selling Residential or Commercial Real Estate in the Guelph Wellington area, call Will Lenssen at HomeLife Realty(Guelph) Limited, 519-836-1072. As a long-time Guelph Wellington resident, he is willen2sell and willen2buy. Most of all, Will is willen2work for you!

Robin Steels HomeLife Realty(Guelph) Limited,, 519-836-1072

Lisa May Gorgi HomeLife Realty(Guelph) Limited,, 519-836-1072

Guelph offers much to see and do including a ton of exciting outdoor activities. Ontario's terrain includes over two hundred thousand lakes, thousands of kilometers of rivers and almost three thousand miles of Great Lakes coastline. The province as a whole is an outdoor lover's and sports enthusiast's ideal location, and Guelph shares in promoting these attractions.

Ontario as a whole is also thought of as a great province to take in some awesome scenery and experience wildlife watching. Guelphis just one of the places where you can experience part of the Ontario lifestyle.

Investing in property can feel both exciting and risky at the same time. Before you decide to purchase property in Guelph, make sure you ask yourself important questions such as, why you want to invest in the property, and if Guelph is a good location to meet your expectations for the investment. Local real estate agents can help you make an informed decision.

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