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Homes in Brandon, Manitoba


Homes in Brandon, Manitoba

Breakdown by postal code areas in Brandon:
Area Population Households
R7A 24,835 10,836
R7B 18,304 7,780
R7C 537 243

Other cities in the area: St Alphonse, Oak River, Rapid City, Carroll, Douglas, Elgin, Brookdale, Souris

Let Me Help You! I am your local Brandon REALTOR®. Please contact me in regards to buying or selling real estate in Brandon & area - see my website or call me. Bob Daymond, 204-571-5918. I look forward to hearing from you!

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The province of Manitoba offers many benefits for career-seekers, entrepreneurs and business investors, and Brandon is part of this thriving environment. Local government has worked hard to provide a skilled and dedicated workforce, lower overall business costs, reliable telecommunications infrastructure, and fostering an excellent business friendly climate.

Purchasing a home or property in Brandon may provide some interesting opportunities. Home ownership in Manitoba overall is considered to be a priority, with many residents either currently owning a home or planning to own a home in the near future.

In not so distant future each and every home in Brandon might use renewable energy sources: wind and solar power. So, why not to start right away, making a little step toward using renewable energy sources? For example, solar-powered fans will help you to automatically remove the hot air that builds up in your attic, without consuming a single Watt of household electricity. By helping to keep your Brandon home a little cooler, these fans reduce the need for air-conditioning, saving both money and energy, which you'd be able to invest in other things.

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