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Homes in Lethbridge, Alberta


Homes in Lethbridge, Alberta

Breakdown by postal code areas in Lethbridge:
Area Population Households
T1H 21,538 8,920
T1J 14,003 6,590
T1K 34,516 14,658

Other cities in the area: Monarch, Coalhurst, Nobleford, Shaughnessy, Diamond City, Picture Butte, Stirling, Coaldale

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Living in or visiting any area of Alberta can be a unique experience. There are so many scenic road trips to enjoy that showcase Alberta's culture, history, natural attractions and amazing scenery. As a resident of Lethbridge, you get to experience each of these things first-hand, every day of the year; as a tourist, you can take away some unforgettable memories.

Lethbridge is also home to a healthy Industrial economy. Many of the items we use every day are manufactured in local factories, providing rewarding career opportunities and learning experiences for everyone in the family.

Over watering should be avoided, especially when Lethbridge, like many other cities, towns, and neighborhoods are growing more sensitive to resource management in every community for sustainable living practices.
Any solar powered water heating, hybrid power vehicle parking and recharge mechanisms, and wind turbines for every Lethbridge property should be assessed for installation value and long term energy savings reductions. Increased property appeal and a reduced carbon footprint for Lethbridge will enhance value in any kind of real estate for sales value, portfolio investment, and pride of ownership.

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