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Condos in London, Ontario


Condos in London, Ontario

Breakdown by postal code areas in London:
Area Population Households
N5V 32,337 12,204
N5W 23,366 10,767
N5X 19,355 7,647
N5Y 31,789 14,816
N5Z 25,847 10,757
N6A 11,070 7,379
N6B 9,734 6,266
N6C 32,684 14,714
N6E 29,434 10,163
N6G 29,804 11,899
N6H 30,066 15,117
N6J 27,310 12,160
N6K 26,850 10,615
N6L 371 142
N6M 2,254 851
N6N 830 302
N6P 5,349 1,844

Other cities in the area: Ilderton, Arva, Kintore, Huron Park, Denfield, Thorndale, Varna, Thamesford

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CC&Rs are the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions that a person signs before buying into a London condo, or association. These documents regulate the usages and aesthetics of a neighborhood or development. Make sure to fully read the CC&Rs before signing. Expect for there to be many pages, but if you take the time to read, and understand what you are signing, you can ensure a happy life in your new place. Any violation of any of the rules may result in a fine, which, if gone unpaid, could result in the loss of the home. Knowing the rules is also beneficial if you see someone else violating them (such as noise violations) so you know your rights when confronting the individual.

London offers much to see and do including a ton of exciting outdoor activities. Ontario's terrain includes over two hundred thousand lakes, thousands of kilometers of rivers and almost three thousand miles of Great Lakes coastline. The province as a whole is an outdoor lover's and sports enthusiast's ideal location, and London shares in promoting these attractions.

Ontario as a whole is also thought of as a great province to take in some awesome scenery and experience wildlife watching. Londonis just one of the places where you can experience part of the Ontario lifestyle.

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