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Condos in Guelph, Ontario


Condos in Guelph, Ontario

Breakdown by postal code areas in Guelph:
Area Population Households
N1C 2,882 871
N1E 29,776 12,166
N1G 25,754 10,137
N1H 44,697 18,552
N1K 6,242 1,727
N1L 3,400 1,168

Other cities in the area: Breslau, Conestogo, New Dundee, Elora, Maryhill, Morriston, Arkell, Rockwood

Josee Ottenbrite With over 15 years of real estate experience in the Guelph area, my partner and I would be delighted to help you with all your real estate needs. Josee & Rick Ottenbrite, Sales Representatives, Royal LePage Royal City Realty 1-519-824-9950 Ext204, 1-800-475-2251.

Corinne J. Rooney Your Source for Real Estate in Guelph, ON: Corinne J. Rooney (519) 837-1300. Contact me!

Liz Wright I am your local Guelph Realtor. Please contact me in regards to buying or selling real estate in Guelph - call me. Liz Wright (519) 837-1300 or I look forward to hearing from you!

Gasper Russo HomeLife Realty(Guelph) Limited,, 519-836-1072

Many times when purchasing a condo, the previous owner had to move out for financial reasons, including missed association fees. While the unit will now be under your name, and you are now responsible for all monthly fees, you are not responsible for any missed payments of the previous owner. Generally these missed payments are something the condo board can sue the previous owner for, and often will. But if you find they are asking you for them, make sure to consult a lawyer. Also, read your CC&Rs as these will often give you the answer you are looking for, and will give you the best course of action for your situation. Ontario offers property for sale across many municipalities which have their own unique neighborhoods and mystique. Buyers looking regionally at property for sale in Ontario will have a wider choice in some real estate markets. In Toronto, for example, Cumberland and Bloor Street offers landmark homes as property for sale and Mount Pleasant and Bloor Street offers urban chic condominiums for sale compete for the same real estate buyers. A real estate agent in Caledon is going to be able to spot the buyer looking for homes for sale with two story oak staircases and the buyers looking for Yorkmills cul-de-sac luxury.

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