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Condos in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Condos in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Breakdown by postal code areas in Halifax:
Area Population Households
B3H 18,611 10,236
B3J 4,854 3,340
B3K 20,025 10,156
B3L 17,724 8,694
B3M 26,873 12,595
B3N 11,611 5,493
B3P 8,355 3,688
B3R 7,996 3,662
B3S 3,961 1,828
B3T 14,875 5,446
B3V 5,831 2,150

Other cities in the area: Whites Lake, Brookside, Shad Bay, Prospect Village, Lakeside, Prospect Bay, Timberlea, Prospect

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The range of issues confronting a condominium owner in Halifax and the property manager is made more detailed due to the ownership position every tenant has in the overall structure on the property. Since so many different individual own property within the same out four walls, it is helpful to have an owner's association for the condominium that governs the operations, maintenance, and residential affairs for everyone concerned. Nova Scotia provides opportunities for everyone - no matter what stage of life you are in. It's a province with awesome scenery and exciting outdoor activities, a high quality education system, and an excellent business climate providing opportunities for investment and growth. No part of the province is untouched by this growth and prosperity, and Halifax is just one of the regions that may provide great opportunity for you and your family.

Halifax shares in the province's skilled workforce, quality education and excellent health care facilities, as well as a diverse culture and history that attracts thousands every year.

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