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cottagesCottages in Canada make a very easygoing and fun home to decorate because their style is more intimate and inaccessible in comparison to condos in Canada and homes in Canada. The means by which a cottage home can be decorated is much less expensive than someone might think because the goods can be recycled and the operating costs to keep a cottage home in Canada heated and running are less than a standard home with a much larger footprint.

The Ontario cottage home or Alberta cottage home works from a more relaxed style of presentation. The cottage started out as an architectural afterthought meant to house servants and underclass peasantry. These types of villages allowed for little in the way of pipes or modern conveniences and had to be made in a fixed budget in areas where the siting was not as ideal as one might hope, which is not unusual for Canadian properties. Cottage are also economical ways to get a home built when the area to be built upon is remote or goods and materials labour and skilled craftsmen must journey a long way to establish the home and build it.

Cottages built in certain areas in Canada are currently prized for home value well above their land and property cost due to nostalgia for an era gone by and a unique place in the history of a local area. Northern Canada will have fewer settlement types of cottage styles because fewer total cottage dwellings were built and less opportunity for differentiation among home styles was possible. This would be true of cottages built to house menial personnel in areas like water navigation or trading posts in Alberta or Ontario, instead of homes in Alberta or apartments in Ontario. When the need for the person or persons living there was finished, the upkeep of the property usually fell below the radar.

Cottage styles are largely determined by the labour class and quality present during the era when building of the cottage took place. Unfortunately many Canadian cottages have been torn down during subsequent eras of construction and rebuilding due to outdated plumbing and faulty walls or toxic materials in the construction that were unknown then but recognized now. Thus the more man advances in his civilization; there is a price to be paid. The style of decoration for cottages in Canada as known to the most recent bunch of consumers is that of visual ornamentation and kitchen design.


Cottage style can be recreated in homes that are more suburban in tone and location but the original settings and architectural features due to proximity to local craftsman will not duplicated unless unusual choices are made. Cottage style is very affordable in decoration because the total outlay of finance will never be outside a modest budget, where a new Canadian home will want complete systems such as hot water, natural gas, or swimming pool insulation or municipal plumbing installed. Some lifestyles need their own area of living such as a cottage provides.

Cottages can make very affordable vacation homes in Ontario, Alberta, or other provinces, because the informality is preferable to staying in a hotel. Cost for long term travel or short term employment abroad can create a demand for cottage home living where apartments are not available. If a traveling consultant wants to work in Saskatchewan but can only find work some distance away, living in a cottage in Saskatchewan might suffice. If a family from Toronto home moves out to Regina to be with one parent in their new job, they may wish to rent a Saskatchewan cottage for the family instead of sign a lease for an apartment in Regina.

Cottages in Canada are located for the most part in places where it might be feasible to visit but that resources were never apportioned for a vaster scale of living because the location was too remote, facilities do not allow for many people, or that weather conditions are too harsh to support a habitation of one or a few more. Cottage style for dwellings of this type will be most probably not needed since affordable new construction and prefabricated housing can be purchased or assembled for Canadian properties.

Cottage style takes its inspiration from the occasional or seasonal change in lifestyle habits of the owners. For example, a cottage dwelling in Vancouver might stem from a past record of trapping seasons being concluded and people coming to the cottage to finish their trading year or celebrate holidays. The types of ornamentation for this kind of entertaining would then form a tradition that becomes part of that area's architectural style. Homes in a much more affluent milieu would have more elaborate decorations or simple import their luxuries form abroad.

A craftsman approach to many modern conveniences that were not present in the home is one of the key traits of a cottage dwelling. Today many homeowners and home buyers purchase cottages in Canada for their small footprint and property tax bill. If a cottage can be purchased in Canada, the owner now has a second home and vacation home, as well as a second income from rents and leasing of the new cottage property. The decoration of the cottage in Canada can take its cue from surrounding homes or neighbourhoods whose cottage style dwellings were doubtless constructed under the same circumstances.


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