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Manitoba is located west of Ontario and although considered to be one of Canada's three Prairie Provinces, it is home to 100,000 lakes, 645 kilometres of coastline and thousands of kilometres of rivers. It also contains the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield that encompasses more than three quarters of the province within its borders. Located towards the south are urban and agricultural communities that compliment that natural scenic wonders that Manitoba has to offer.
Filled with an abundance of natural resources and fertile land, the Manitoban economy consists of a diversity of industries and commodities rooted in manufacturing. It is also home to Canada's largest furniture, door, windows and cabinetry plants, while also taking the title of North America's largest intercity and urban bus producer. Rich in history and home to many major financial, manufacturing, and transportation industries, Winnipeg takes center stage as both Manitoba's largest and capital city.

In terms of homes for potential buyers, Manitoba offers the complete set of options in terms of houses in every category imaginable. Your first destination when searching for the perfect home should be Winnipeg. Located throughout the city and its surrounding areas are a variety of single-family houses small, medium and large, consisting of the fully detached and semi detached type, spacious bungalows, as well as luxury locations near the waterfront and also major highways.

If you're looking for something more rural or perhaps a vacation or summer home, you should try and check out the Pembina Valley region. Located near the United States, North Dakota border, and a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, it offers the quiet and tranquil community setting littered with single-family houses, fully detached with large spacious yards and tons of wide open spaces. So definitely look into Manitoba, a place that you can call home.

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